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Video Layouts

With layouts you can quickly save and re-call layout templates, creating multiple videowall configurations.

A layout is configured by several video parameters:

  • Size and position of each video (up to 30 layers per player)
  • Masking areas of the whole surface, or each layer independently
  • Color correction of the whole surface
  • Geometry correction of the whole surface, or each layer independently
  • Soft edge blending to create large panorama projections

Layouts can be switched live during events. They can be pre-configured, saved, and then triggered by any incoming event. They can also be added to a Timeline so layouts are synchronized to the video which is displayed.

Displays can be positioned and combined with great flexibility to create a video wall design.

For example: Video can be shown enlarged across all displays then shown just across parts of a tiled array of displays, then switched again to be displayed as full images on single displays.


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