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Showlogix Show & Media Control

Showlogix V1.6.5 Demo                                 Download

Showlogix V1.6.5 Demo + sample project  Download

Showlogix V1.6.5 - USB dongle                    Download

Date:  January 18, 2016


*The demo installers require Internet connection.

*If you cannot use Internet connection please send an email to info@showlogix.com.

*If you'd like to get the full 90 days working license, please contact info@showlogix.com.



Free Showlogix Video Sync

Version: 1.6.1                              Download

Date: November 29, 2015



Free Showlogix Tracker

Version: 1.6.0                             Download

Date: November 12, 2015



Showlogix Show Control & Media Server

The Showlogix Installation file includes Showlogix Manager, Player and user guide.

The Showlogix system requires a hardware (dongle) license key. Plug the key into any free USB port on the manager and Player/s computer/s.

You can run Showlogix Demo without a license key connected and it will be fully functional for editing, saving projects and demo purposes. In this case, the Showlogix Manager will work for a limited time and interactive and advanced features are not available. The Showlogix player will not play in full screen.



Showlogix Video Sync - Free

Showlogix Video Sync Plays video content across multiple displays attached to one computer or/and over a local area network.

This application is intended for simple multi-channel video art installations. Each display is limited to one full screen video.

There are no limitations controlling external devices over network. Art-net is also not limited.

The application is based on the same state of the art technology used by the full Showlogix versions.

Showlogix Video Sync is completely free.




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