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Showlogix is a privately held company which specializes in development & design of control software for the professional audiovisual industry market.

Our main goal is to equip the professionals, who design and create shows, with the best tool of the trade.

The Showlogix team is comprised of talented engineers and technicians whom have years of experience in machinery automation and show control systems. We have much experience in mission critical environments, such as command rooms in corporate and military facilities, complex A/V networks and visitor centers.

The core technology of the Showlogix products is a particularly efficient and reliable engine that can handle an endless amount of events at any given time, listen to many devices and interact with them, all in precise accuracy.

Based on this technology, we have built a user-friendly interface which enables the user to spend less time on planning and programming:
Simple: You create the show the way you vision it, no complicated script or code writing involved.

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