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Soft Edge Blending

Soft edge blending is a method, used to create a larger video display by combining the image of two or more projectors. When overlapping projectors, the overlapped region has higher brightness then the non overlapped regions, so there is a need to feather the edges. The process of edge blending, involves manipulation of individual pixels to ensure perfect intensity over a specified blend zone.

Showlogix edge blending is a very high quality and efficient method of producing the most innovative and extraordinary large displays.

With edge blending capability, along with the multi-channel frame accurate playback synchronization and geometry correction, you can playback a large mega-pixel video split into multiple high definition files. Any number of projectors can be blended to create a large seamless image.

Every overlapped region is provided with brightness Intensity curve, Gamma of each color and Black level correction, this allows easy compensation for many of the problems faced when blending projectors.


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