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Geometry Correction & Edge Blending


Showlogix enables full image warping through the control of a powerful Graphic User Interface.

Showlogix can distort any standard media so it appears correct on any dimension or shape and achieve perfect pixel to pixel alignment needed for best projection blending while minimizing distortions.

Soft edge blending is a method, used to create a larger video display by combining the image of two or more projectors.

With the edge blending capability, along with the multi-channel frame accurate playback synchronization and geometry correction, you can playback large mega-pixel videos. Any number of projectors can be blended to create a large seamless image.

Every overlapped region is provided with brightness Intensity curve, Gamma of each color and Black level correction, this allows easy compensation for many of the problems faced when blending projectors. You can even assign blending to specific layers.




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