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Tracker & Touch Interactivity

With Showlogix Manager you can map any standard video on remote players to create interactivity on specific areas.

Any interactive area may trigger any preconfigured scenario. You can also use tracking data to create particle and simple effects which follow motion

These areas may be set in two ways:

1. By size and position, activity is synchronized to time-code. This is a very flexible tool allowing you to create unlimited touch areas. These areas are created on a timeline synchronized to the video, so, the touch areas can be changed over time.

2. According to layer (up to 30) and synchronized to current layer positions.

Interactivity is achieved by using mouse clicks or touch screens. Alternatively you can use "CCV_Showlogix.exe" application which is an open source solution for computer vision and machine sensing. It takes video input from various cameras and video devices and broadcasts high frame rate tracking data, directly to the Showlogix Players.

The Showlogix system is able to receive many trackers on separate UDP ports and assign a surface to each player or group of players.

CCV_Showlogix is based on the work done by the NUI Group Community and is released under the LGPL License.


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