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Showlogix Manager


Showlogix Manager is a powerful and robust show control system that is based on highly sophisticated and efficient core software and gives system integrators a turnkey solution for programming and running shows.

Showlogix Manager can manage a network of up to hundreds of interactive Showlogix players, playing high quality 3D or multi-channel movies, trigger and synchronize lighting, motion and many other devices needed for a multi sensory show, all on a standard IP network.

There is no code to learn. Easy graphical programming environment lets you drag and drop the commands on a logical tree and immediately create the show the way you vision it. Using the timeline you can add simple and complex commands that are frame-synchronized to video content, including analog commands that are simulated by graphs (lighting, motorized effects etc). There is no compilation either, so you can test the result in real time.

The Showloix system can handle an almost endless amount of tasks in precise timing and in very high reliability. Many sequences can run simultaneously and execute independently. It is easy to position and reposition cues over many timelines and sequences. Showlogix Manger offers an unlimited number of timelines. 

You can pause an entire show so that precise "edits" can be made at the pause point. A show could be started at a randomly selected point anywhere along the timeline, while repositioning all the controlled devices.

Sequences may be started initially on power-up, by another sequence, or by a variety of Ethernet compatible external triggering options, including: touch panels, third party control systems etc.


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